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For the past three decades Terry Wardle has been writing books that seek to empower Christians and equip Caregivers for life and ministry. Click on the book cover to be redirected to where you can purchase them in various formats. 



The Invitation to a Journey video series is a free resources for individuals or small groups to use in order to take first steps toward experiencing healing and wholeness in their lives. Click the button below for a listening guide.



The Healing Care Group Curriculum is a sixteen-week small group experience designed to help people who are struggling with emotional and spiritual brokenness. The group offers individuals a safe place to heal from deep wounds, false beliefs, damaged emotions and dysfunctional behaviors in a confidential small group setting.

To purchase Healing Care Group guides, complete and submit the order form. If you have any problems or questions, please contact Lynne Lawson @ 419.496.0388 or

Leader Guide

  • Price: $155

  • Prerequisite for purchase: attendance at a Formational Prayer Seminar, a Formational Prayer Course or a Doctor of Ministry Formational Prayer Course

  • Materials Included: Manual, Draw Close to the Fire, Wounded, Instructional CD

Participant Guide

  • Price: $85

  • Prerequisite for purchase: none

  • Materials Included: Manual, Draw Close to the Fire, Wounded

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LEADER Guides (Prerequisite for Purchase: MUST have attended a Formational Prayer Seminar)
LEADER Guides (Prerequisite for Purchase: MUST have attended a Formational Prayer Seminar)
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